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Hi there,

I’m Kristen, owner and calligrapher of Sprig and Fern Studio. I started this journey into calligraphy two years ago purely as a side hobby, having no idea that I’d end up doing it as my full time gig. It was initially my way of unwinding after long days at work, that has now evolved into one of my greatest passions and my business.
I’ve always had a soft spot and appreciation for handmade things, especially when it involves old school tools and techniques like ink wells and pointed nibs! In this digital age, I think the art of traditional calligraphy is even more special. Calligraphy has the ability to make something feel elegant and timeless, or modern and fun. The fonts, colors, and mediums it can be transported on are endless which makes it fun to customize those details to reflect your own style and personality.

I am always honored to work with couples for one of the most important days of their lives. From the smaller details like place cards and table numbers to bigger pieces like custom seating charts and signs, hand written calligraphy adds such a sweet, personal touch that ties it all together. I would love to work with you to create unique and personal elements for your wedding day!

List of Services:
*Envelope Addressing
*Wax Seals
*Place Cards/ Escort Cards
*Gift Tags
*Signs- Seating Charts, Welcome Sings, Menus, etc.
*Custom Return Address Stamp

**Custom inquires always welcome!**

Contact Info:

Contact Name: Kristen Martinez



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