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About me
I started my visual career as a photojournalist over a decade ago. Since leaving newspapers and starting my freelance career I have worked for a variety of magazines, small businesses, families and individuals. For me, photography is about connecting with people and telling their story. For this reason when I'm photographing I like to make my subjects feel comfortable and at ease, I prefer to go unnoticed as much as possible so I can capture the real moments.

How I work
Preparation is key. I scout the location prior to the event to stimulate my creativity and gather ideas. On the wedding day, I work to capture as many candid moments as possible while also gathering people for portraits. We have fun during the portraits, so it is an enjoyable part of your day and the images show that. I read the emotions of the guests, and the rhythm of the event, so that I can be present for and capture all the smiles, tears, laughter, joy, beautiful light and dreamy atmosphere. My passion is natural light, emotions and interesting angles. I want each persons images to look unique and not formulaic. It is important for my clients and I to have a good relationship and enjoy each other. I think finding the right photographer is about finding a person you connect with personally as well as stylistically.

After the event
I edit tirelessly, choosing the best images from each scenario and adjusting each image to make it look its absolute best, but I don't overdo the post production. I want the images to look authentic and eye catching but not fake. These images become part of your history that is passed on for generations. I feel a deep sense of gratitude and responsability to document your story to the absolute best of my ability!

I look forward to the possibility of working with you...

Shauna Intelisano

Contact Info:

Contact Name: Shauna Intelisano

North East Portland
Portland, OR 97213

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