Sprig and Fern Studio

With a background in multiple art forms, Kristen has crafted a multidimensional approach to calligraphy. Calligraphy is defined as the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner.

Being an art student she loved to create, but her area of interest was film photography and she didn’t know a thing about calligraphy at the time. Her photography led her to take a semester abroad in Europe, which ignited in her, a passion for travel that has kept her on the move since. It was a couple years later, in New Zealand, when she started working for a company that she loved, where she learned about people development, business, leadership and setting big goals! She grew through several roles in leadership and it wasn’t until my most recent promotion that she decided to rekindle her artistic spirit and take up a calligraphy class, in hopes of finding more balance in my busy schedule. She not only stumbled upon something she enjoyed, she found something she absolutely loved in calligraphy.

After a while, calligraphy was all she could think about and knew it was time for me to refocus her energy, set some goals and take a leap of faith. So after nearly 5 years in leadership, some incredible travel experiences and a pinch of courage, Sprig & Fern Studio was born!

She's looking forward to creating something for you. Thanks for supporting her on this journey!

Contact Info:

Contact Name: Kristen Martinez



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