Brooklynn Studios

BROOKLYNN STUDIOS specializes in Weddings & Engagement, Maternity, Family, Children & now Boudoir photography. We strive to capture priceless timeless images so that you and your loved ones will ALWAYS have visual tangible memories that are exactly that - Memories! I, the photographer, have an A.A.S in Photography from the Art Institute of Colorado and have been shooting photographs for more than half my life. I took my first photo course at a community college when I was just 16 years old.

The romantic side
I am filled with joy. I am a mom. I see life. Light. Color. Black. White. I love. I create. Play. Focus on little baby lips, a kiss, soft hands and feet. An embrace. Life is to laugh, cry, jump, sing out loud & LOVE. I adore freckles. Baby Cuddles. Cotton candy. Coffee. I've suffered heart break but still I refuse to just take. I give. I embrace. Capture. And never lose faith.

Contact Info:

Contact Name: Shawna McCormick

P.O. Box 614
Cascade Locks, OR 97014-0614

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